22 August 2007


Back in April when we still lived in London, Angie and I took Gabriel to see where his Boon ancestors lived before they immigrated to America in 1828. (There was no 'e' on the end of our surname before my great grandfather.) It's a little town called Appledore, not too far from the coast in Kent, England. A member of the local historical society showed us around and pointed out houses that the Boons owned or leased from about 1700 to 1830.

Below is a map of all the houses, with the pictures placed exactly where we took them. You can zoom, scroll, and click on the pictures in the map below, click here to see a larger version of the map, click here to view the full-size pictures in the online album, or download the Google Earth file here.

Angie's ancestors through her mother are from England as well, but we didn't even think to look for them while we were there. Guess we'll have to go back someday!

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