22 August 2007


Back in April when we still lived in London, Angie and I took Gabriel to see where his Boon ancestors lived before they immigrated to America in 1828. (There was no 'e' on the end of our surname before my great grandfather.) It's a little town called Appledore, not too far from the coast in Kent, England. A member of the local historical society showed us around and pointed out houses that the Boons owned or leased from about 1700 to 1830.

Below is a map of all the houses, with the pictures placed exactly where we took them. You can zoom, scroll, and click on the pictures in the map below, click here to see a larger version of the map, click here to view the full-size pictures in the online album, or download the Google Earth file here.

Angie's ancestors through her mother are from England as well, but we didn't even think to look for them while we were there. Guess we'll have to go back someday!

20 August 2007

Blogging Buddies

Speaking of buddies, Gabriel has a new buddy! His name is Baby Bear (it says so on his tummy), and he was a gift from Gramma Alice and Pops, who we went to visit in Wimberley, Texas last weekend. Gabriel loves his new little friend, and his little face just lights up when Baby Bear comes out to play. The hill country was beautiful, and Jake and I had a blast going jogging and walking in the great outdoors. We had such a relaxing weekend that it was hard to come back to the real world of working and cleaning house! Unfortunately, Gabriel isn't sleeping well in his travel chair/bed anymore, so I guess it's time to start shopping for a pack 'n play. Any advice anybody???

Now for the real reason for the post: blogging buddies. Along the right column, I've added a list of blogs I like to peek at from time to time. I'd like to especially mention The Edney Family's Tuesday Tips. Anitra has taught me a ton of little hints and shortcuts, and I just discovered her blog last week! She is an old friend from Camp Balcones Springs. I really have so much respect for her and the example she sets for kids and peers alike, although I do have to admit that I mooned her once -- sorry Anitra... it was totally Michelle P's crazy influence!!!

Speaking of Michelle, her Travels of a Lost Texan are great to read about. She always has neat stories of people she's met up in D.C.

I found Sarah Johnson Online while researching on the internet, and I really like her articles. She is described as "a London-based journalist, a mother of four children and also a birth doula and birth educator. She is writing a book for Christian parents called The Christian Parents' Toolkit."

The other blogs are of good friends and lots of baby pictures. Erich has some pretty Colorado pictures that totally make me want to go camping and hiking!!! I am way jealous, so hopefully we can do some camping with Gabriel when the weather gets a little cooler.

That's all for today. Thanks for all the pictures, advice, and stories, fellow bloggers! Have a great week, and stay clear of Hurricane Dean!!!

18 August 2007

Cookie Monster

We had a surprise waiting for Jake when he got home the other day: cookies!!! Gabriel helped me make a batch of cookies (Cinnamon-Chip Oatmeal Nut, one of our favorites) for the first time ever! He loved putting his hands in the batter, and it was such fun to chew on the silicone spatula. No, I didn't let him taste any yet... he'll have to wait a year or two for that. He enjoyed it so much that he started to cry when it was over -- until he realized that he got to play in the sink! I had to strip him down and rinse him off from head to toe to get all the cookie dough off!

Here's a funny photo of Gabriel brushing his barely-there teeth. It's a new favorite hobby, and we have to pry the toothbrush out of his hands at bedtime!

16 August 2007

Gabriel Gets to the Bottom of Things

Gabriel has noticed his feet in the past. They seem to follow him around, and he is always surprised where they'll turn up. Upon closer examination this past week, he has discovered that his feet are actually quite fascinating, and rather tasty! He is constantly tugging on them, and he is awfully confused when they are hiding behind some very cute shoes. His new favorite sport is crib-climbing, which is where he attempts to climb out of the crib feet first! Isn't it fun when babies discover something new, even if that something has been around from the start?!

In other news, we have survived our first Tropical Storm since moving back to Texas. And Gabriel has been through his first Tropical Storm ever! There was a lot of lightning, rain and thunder here, but only a little wind. It hasn't rained much the last week or two, so my pumpkin vines are glad for a little break from the 100° temperatures we've been having.

I just thought I'd include a couple pictures of Gabriel's great-grandparents on his daddy's side, Dan and Sally Boone.

We went up to Bastrop for a quick visit when Jake's parents were down. No pictures of them yet because we have to wait for the film to be developed!

11 August 2007

Going Green

Gabriel winces after eating broccoli for the first time.

09 August 2007

Chew On This

Gabriel's first teeth are coming in. (What do you mean you can't see them? Look closer!) Everyone is excited, but Angie's a little nervous since she's still nursing. Ouch.

03 August 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Since we started the blog a little late, I'd like to backtrack and mention some very important visits we had. Most of you know that we just moved back to Texas from London, so we had to be sure and introduce everyone to our little London-born BritBaby, hence the name of the blog.

One of his most important visits was with his Great-Grandmother, Irene Gasaway (Angie's Grandma). He even took a nap while he was supposed to be meeting relatives at the Gasaway Reunion!

Gabriel and I also took a little trip to the best little town in the world: College Station, home of the Aggies!!! Whoop! We went to visit Dewayne and Cookie Mattheson, my wonderful adopted parents who made my Senior Boots. Without their kindness, I would have never made it through my senior year in the Corps.

Gabriel has also gotten to know his third cousin (or first cousin twice removed), Forrest and my CRANA cousin, Rachel, who was visiting from El Paso. We had a few nice visits, and the boys LOVED our trip to the swimming pool!

We also had a visit from our very special neighbor, Miss Grace. She loved our big boy, and we compared notes as her grand-daughter is only a month older in age. She's not feeling well, so we are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers as she heals.

Another group of special visitors came by: more cousins!!! Gabriel's first cousins once removed and our Uncle Sammy came by to say hi to our little guy. Uncle Sammy just beat cancer, and although he now has dark, wavy hair, he's really getting back to normal. Kacie and Kelleigh got to hold Gabriel a little bit (even though he's almost as big as they are) and I'm sure they'll have fun growing up together!

And of course he's had several visits from his Gramma and Pops (my mom and step-dad), who totally dote on Gabriel!

He's had a few more visits, but we have to wait on the film to be developed -- if you're one of them, keep checking the blog and I'll update it as soon as we can!!!

Photo Album Update

45 more pictures were added to the 2-4 mo. album, including this one: