02 June 2009

Amarillo by Mornin'... and lots of pictures!

We are back in Maryland after a long weekend in Amarillo, and I'm already a bit homesick for Texas! Don't get me wrong; we really like Frederick and many things about the area. But Texas really knows how to do weather. It was hot and beautiful with a few big storms passing through, but then it was gorgeous and sunny again. Here in MD the cloudy, cold weather just seems to linger - such a bummer! It's good to be back home in our own beds, though.

The most fun part of our Amarillo trip was watching Gabriel. Not because we didn't enjoy the trip, but because he was hilarious!!! I loved hearing his conversations with Jake's family. Here is my favorite example:

Melanie (Jake's younger sister) had been playing with G, and he was super bossy about which toys/cars to play with. She started to tease him.

G: Please play with this one (as he hands her a car)
M: Please play with this one (as she hands him the car)
G: Please play with this one! (as he hands her the car)
M: Please play with this one! (as she hands him the car)
G: Please don't talk!

Although he was great at sleeping in his big boy bed throughout the trip, he wasn't keen on taking a nap when he knew Daddy and Pawpaw were out getting french fries for him (a rare treat!). He tried to stay in bed, but he couldn't stand it. I went to check on him, and he was standing just inside the bedroom door crying. He saw me and whined, "Sooooorry for not taking a naaaap!!!" I couldn't resist and said, "Oh, alright." He ran to me and said "Oh, alright!!!" and gave me a big hug. It was too sweet to pass up! And he did take a nap after the french fries arrived :).

Gabriel had a few firsts while in Amarillo: first time to jump on trampoline, first swim in a backyard kiddie pool, first trip to the Cadillac Ranch, and first ride on a motorcycle. He wasn't too fond of the motorcycle... he liked it only when it was far away! After watching Pawpaw ride fast in the field, he said to Pawpaw, "Pawpaw you went fast -- pweese get off!"

Clara has grown up so much lately! She can now stand up if you hold her hands and she loves baths in a big bathtub (she did not like her baby bathtub). She smiles all the time, and she has started laughing... I love it!!! She does not like to nap unless she is being held or we're on the move (car seat or stroller), but she sleeps great at night!!! Yea!!!

Finally, when we arrived in Baltimore, I decided to wait with Clara while the boys went to get the truck. As we were discussing the situation, our bus went by. Jake grabbed Gabriel and the carseat and went running! The bus came to the next stop and started to continue on. A few nice people stopped the bus when they saw Jake running after it. As the doors opened and the boys climbed on, everyone aboard was silent and looked to see who was causing the holdup. Gabriel looked around and then hollered, "This is a GREAT bus!!!" Everybody cracked up!

Nana and Clara

Happy 18th Birthday to Melanie!

Diane, Melanie, and Jake

Elise, Jake's cousin

Pawpaw and Gabriel playing dogs

Gabriel is always popular with the little ladies!

Aunt Amy (Lucia's sister and Elise's mom) with a sleepy Clara

Clara, Aunt Renea, and Nana

Granny and Papa Boone playing cars with Gabriel

G's Pirate impression... he's saying "Arrrgh Matey...swab the deck...walk the plank...shiver me timbers...yo ho ho and a bottle of milk!!!"

Clara's first time underwater! She did great!!!