28 September 2009


We went to a BBQ with some of our Stroller Strides friends recently. Our friends had a small bouncy castle for the kids to play in, and Gabriel was in heaven! He got a bit excited and wild, so Jake warned him to calm down and be careful as Gabriel nearly crashed into another kiddo. Gabriel was naughty again, so Jake told him he had to stay out of the castle for two minutes as punishment.

Gabriel looked up at Jake with his sad puppy dog face and said "sorry for not listening."

Jake said, "Thank you for apologizing, but you still have to stay out for two minutes."

Gabriel thought about that for a moment, looked up at Jake again, and then said, "can I apologize again???"

Jake later related the story to me, and as we were laughing about it Gabriel chimed in, "I had to apologize again because the apologize didn't work!"

Here are some pictures of our Firestation outing in August: