30 July 2007

We've Gone Bananas!!!

Today was a big day for Gabriel... and Jake. Jake has been waiting for this day since we found out that we were going to have a baby! Gabriel finally got to eat some Gerber Banana babyfood, which means that Jake got to have a taste as well :). Gabriel missed his late afternoon nap so he wasn't as excited as usual about eating. Although he did give us a few little grimaces, he continued to eat it all -- only a teaspoon or so. He was falling asleep while he was eating, but we managed to finish his bananas and rice cereal (which I love), but just barely!
Also, we had a visit from Aunt A'Landra this afternoon, and Gabriel loved playing with her! She has nice long hair, so that was very funny to our little guy.

One more exciting note: Gabriel is pretty much sitting up by himself!!! We still have to sit behind him while he plays because he gets excited and falls backwards, but it's so much fun to watch him play independently!

28 July 2007

Gabriel Plays the Piano

First Post

Hi Everybody! Jake and I started this blog to let everybody see Gabriel grow up, whether you are near or far. Gabriel is growing so fast and there is so much that he learns everyday. It's hard trying to remember who we've told about what he's done or learned, so I hope that this will be a place to post everything. I'll do my best to post something new every week, and I'll be sure to include lots of pictures and a few little videos we take with our phones. I'll also include a link to a few photo albums of Gabriel if you just can't get enough of him on the blog! Enjoy!!!
Jake, Angie, and Gabriel <><