03 November 2010

Some Family Pics... via Tripod and Timer!

We are way too cheap to pay a photographer these days... so we took the tripod out and took some pictures of ourselves. Maybe not quite as good as a professional shoot, but we have pictures with all four of us in them! Hooray!


Now that a year has passed, I think it's time to update the blog :).

October was a super-fun month, and the kiddoes had a fantastic time celebrating Autumn and especially Halloween. Gabriel and Clara still go around moaning "Booooo" with their arms out in front of them, pretending to be a ghost or a mummy or - Gabriel's favorite - Frankenstein!!!

We started off the month with our first marathon!!! We ran the Run for Freedom in West Virginia while Nana and Pawpaw watched the kids, and Gabriel and Pawpaw ran the Fun Run while they waited for us. I heard that Clara ran a bit at the end, but she and Nana took it easy while the boys did the hard work. It might have been more fun for Pawpaw if Gabriel hadn't been shouting "No, Pawpaw! It is against the rules to run! NO RUNNING ALLOWED!!!" I guess they had a nice stroll :).

The marathon was great! Perfect weather, if a little cold. The race goes through Antietam Battlefield and through some lovely little towns, and 10 miles of the middle runs along the C&O Canal -- gorgeous! I loved running by the tents seeing the campers waking up to a campfire and cooking their breakfasts.

And yes, we ran the Baltimore Marathon two weeks later! This time a friend came to our rescue and watched the kids (and even took them to a birthday party).

Gabriel has even gotten into the running scene: he is a member of the Lightning Running Club!!! It all started because the kids are always wanting to run like Mama and Daddy. A friend recommended we join her and her girls at LRC. Twice a week from August through October we met for practice, and he had his first track meet! The little ones run a 50m and a 500m, and everybody wins :). G is a steady runner, but seems to perform better with a bribe -- I mean prize -- to work for! Clara can run forever, but she won't be old enough for LRC until next season. The practices are wonderful, the coaches were phenomenal and fun, and getting outside burning off extra energy made for a happy Boone household. Can't wait for next August!!!

After that came pumpkin patches, an apple orchard trip, running club events and hiking! Our indian summer up here made for some awesome outdoor time!

Here are a few October pictures to give you an idea of the fun:

Lightning Running Club
50m and 500m

Mayne's Tree Farm
Pumpkin Patch Visit!!!

Trick-or-Treating and a Treasure Hunt!!!