18 August 2007

Cookie Monster

We had a surprise waiting for Jake when he got home the other day: cookies!!! Gabriel helped me make a batch of cookies (Cinnamon-Chip Oatmeal Nut, one of our favorites) for the first time ever! He loved putting his hands in the batter, and it was such fun to chew on the silicone spatula. No, I didn't let him taste any yet... he'll have to wait a year or two for that. He enjoyed it so much that he started to cry when it was over -- until he realized that he got to play in the sink! I had to strip him down and rinse him off from head to toe to get all the cookie dough off!

Here's a funny photo of Gabriel brushing his barely-there teeth. It's a new favorite hobby, and we have to pry the toothbrush out of his hands at bedtime!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. He is soooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!