16 August 2007

Gabriel Gets to the Bottom of Things

Gabriel has noticed his feet in the past. They seem to follow him around, and he is always surprised where they'll turn up. Upon closer examination this past week, he has discovered that his feet are actually quite fascinating, and rather tasty! He is constantly tugging on them, and he is awfully confused when they are hiding behind some very cute shoes. His new favorite sport is crib-climbing, which is where he attempts to climb out of the crib feet first! Isn't it fun when babies discover something new, even if that something has been around from the start?!

In other news, we have survived our first Tropical Storm since moving back to Texas. And Gabriel has been through his first Tropical Storm ever! There was a lot of lightning, rain and thunder here, but only a little wind. It hasn't rained much the last week or two, so my pumpkin vines are glad for a little break from the 100° temperatures we've been having.

I just thought I'd include a couple pictures of Gabriel's great-grandparents on his daddy's side, Dan and Sally Boone.

We went up to Bastrop for a quick visit when Jake's parents were down. No pictures of them yet because we have to wait for the film to be developed!

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