09 September 2007

Gig 'Em Aggies!

Gabriel is practicing for Maroon Out already! As Jake was going to the game last week, we decided to tag along to College Station and have lunch with friends and family at Freebird's. If you haven't been there, they make the best burritos anywhere, and Jake and I ate a ton of them when we were going to A&M.

As for baby news, Gabriel is growing in leaps and bounds. He can play sitting up by himself, he has learned to tilt his head to the side -- left only, of course -- and he is extremely impressed with feet. His new thing is rubbing his feet together, which is especially exciting when he has shoes on and can make lots of noise! He looks like a little cricket! We listen to a children's Spanish CD with stories and songs about a cricket (Cri-Cri), so it's very appropriate! Gabriel's face just lights up with excitement when we turn on Cri-Cri!!!

Gramma and Pops came for a quick visit yesterday, and I think they brought magic fairy dust. Gabriel started babbling just before they left, and he hasn't stopped. He is making so many new noises all of the sudden, and is sooooo proud of himself. Thanks for the fairy dust! He is hilarious, but talks as if we should understand him. It's great, and I can't wait until he finally says his first real word!

I hope all is well with everyone. I am sorry I took so long to post, but Gabriel is teething again, and not falling asleep very easily. He is just about to have a third tooth, and a fourth one is not too far behind. He was eyeing our burritos at Freebirds... we had to tell him that just because he has 2 1/2 teeth, it doesn't mean he's ready for humongous burritos!

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