18 September 2007

Following in Daddy's Footsteps...

...With his first laptop! Djojie and family came for a visit and brought Gabriel the perfect present: "My First Computer!" Djojie works with Jake, and they first got to know each other in Africa (Equatorial Guinea). Now they're both here in Houston, working on the same project again. Gabriel loves his computer, although it frustrates him a bit. He loves to close it, but he hasn't figured out how to open it up. We'll keep practicing!

Djojie and his son, Joshua, went with Jake and his dad to the Aggie game last weekend. As Djojie is from Manila (the Philippines), this was his first football game! His wife, Ann, as well as their one year old, Maryann, came with Gabriel and me to College Station. We had a very nice time, and I hope we can all be good friends now that we have all finally met!!! I do have to mention that Gabriel had his first kiss from our exotic foreign visitor. Maryann and Gabriel were fast friends, and both love to give kisses. Uh-oh... we're in trouble already!

In Gabriel news, he now officially has three teeth and a fourth is just getting ready to make an appearance. He's getting very verbal, and he's on the verge of saying 'mama.' He can say 'mmma' but hasn't added that second syllable yet. He likes saying 'abu' and 'aboom,' but we aren't sure what they mean quite yet. He definitely knows what a bath and a kiss are, as those are two of his favorite things! His most recent acheivements are learning how to turn off the lights with a lightswitch and turning on and off the closet light with a pull string. He is so proud of himself!

Other than that, we just spend our time walking around the house with Gabriel, as he loves to practice walking. The weather is so nice in the mornings that we often go jogging with the jogging stroller. If Gabriel can stay awake, he is fascinated with all the birds, clouds, trees and squirrels we see on our jog. He doesn't know what to think about the horses and goats, but he wants to touch them and find out! I can't wait to see what he thinks when he finally has his first ride on a horse!

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