16 May 2009


We have such a cool kid.

We don't have many thunderstorms here in Maryland, so Gabriel has not experienced much thunder and lightning. He likes stories that have thunderstorms, but I've been worried that if we had a storm at bedtime he would be scared.

Well, tonight was the night! As I started telling him goodnight and giving him cuddles, lightning began flashing behind the curtains. Gabriel stiffened up and quickly twisted to look at the window. I calmly said "oh, that is just a little lightning." He repeated me (as usual), and then we heard a big BOOM! I was sure he'd be frightened... but I was wrong! He said, "and that is thunder, just like in the books!"

He was delighted and desperately wanted to look at the storm for "a little minute," so we watched the lightning flash and listened to the thunder rumble. He loved the "sparkles" and informed me that "we cannot walk on the sparkles, but we like the sparkles," and, "it did make that light go on that car!"

I could not get him to lie down, so we had to compromise: I opened the blinds and curtains a bit so that he could cover up to his chin, cuddle with pooh-bear, and watch the thunderstorm as he fell asleep. What a cool kid!

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