07 May 2008

It's a Zoo!

Today was totally fun! We started out at Stroller Strides for a good workout at Baker Park. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, and this morning was no exception. Gabriel had a fun ride in the pram, and we saw lots of dogs, ducks, geese, baby ducks and geese, and other birds of all kinds. G was way excited :).

After class, we all went to Ijamsville to the petting zoo. It's a nice little farm that started out as a "pick your own veggies" place, but people were more excited about the animals than the vegetables. So now they are rather famous for their kid-friendly animals. Gabriel got to pet a zebra, donkeys, pigs, cows, a duck (whoopee!), chickens, and a baby goat. He could have pet the grown-up goats, but he was totally scared of them. I don't blame him! They scare me, too! He really wanted to pet the emus, but I talked him out of it... and then the emu went potty and scared the daylights out of him! He especially loved the little chicks. I held them and he petted them; I was so scared he would smoosh them, but he was very gentle and loving. So sweet! I didn't think I'd ever get him out of the chicks room, but I lured him out with the promise of ducks and geese. So, we marched over to the ducks and geese pen, and he had a grand time chasing them around the pen with all the other kids. But then the inevitable happened: the biggest goose decided he was tired of being chased, and he decided to pick on the littlest of the chasers! As I was about to take a picture, the goose bit Gabriel and sent him screaming! It didn't even leave a mark, but he sure stayed close to his mama for the rest of the afternoon :).

Next we headed over to the chickens. I didn't think G would care for them at all, especially considering the unfriendly goose. I was so wrong. We pet and followed chickens for 20 minutes, until I got dizzy from running in circles and herded him over to the cow barn. I milked a cow (for the first time in over ten years), but Gabriel wasn't so sure about the squirting milk situation, so we moved on to other animals. It was a ton of fun!

He also had his little Spanish session with our neighbor, and he was particularly loving. I took a few pictures of him cuddling up to Laura. Gabriel insisted on walking her home, and he had a total meltdown when it was time for us to say goodbye. I am so happy that he is making friends and (hopefully) learning a valuable skill. We'll see if it works out the way we are hoping!

Our little guy is growing up so fast!!! If we are using a fork, spoon or knife, then he has to have one of his own. If we are sitting in a chair to read, then he needs to sit in a chair to read. If we are going outside to water plants, then he has to water plants as well. Such a copycat, but it's so sweet! I really like that he likes to set the table -- it gives him a job to do while I finish dinner. And now that he is really babbling like crazy, I just know that one day he's just going to open his mouth and talk like a grownup! His most recent babbles are "yabba-dabba-jabba" and "boodja boodja biedja bidja." We haven't figured out what it's supposed to mean, but Jake insists he's trying for "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

On a non-baby note, we are sending our thoughts to NYC and West Point this weekend. Jake's sister, Diane, is traveling with Lucia (their mom) and the choir group, ending with a performance on Sunday at West Point. How fun for them! Good luck Randall High School choir!!!

And for you photo junkies, here are some of our favorite new pics. Be sure to check out the "Albums" link in the right column for all the new pictures. Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Gabriel's first tree climbing!

Our neighbor, Karen, taught him how to smell flowers

He loves to drink from the water hose

Helping water the plants

Cool kid at the Zoo


Sneaking away from those scary llamas

A Big Pig

Little guy, big horse

Soooo sleepy!

Like mother, like son! He cries if he sees a Starbucks logo and we don't let him have it. We used to frequent Starbucks (and other coffee shops) a lot in London when Gabriel was itty bitty and I needed a warm, cozy place to feed him.

A day at Baker Park

Cherry Blossoms!

A cozy spot by a covered bridge in the park

On the swings with Daddy

How exciting! The bridge has windows!

So many rocks to collect, so little time

Barefoot in the grass, eating the leaves under the Cherry Blossoms

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