06 February 2008

First Post from Maryland!

Sorry for the delay, folks! We've been traveling, and we haven't gotten internet service at the house yet. We still have the same cell phone numbers, so that is the best way to get ahold of us for now. We took almost a week to drive up to Frederick, and now we are frantically trying to unpack all our boxes. That doesn't sound so bad, but some of the boxes have been in storage since before Jake left for Africa... that was in 2004!!! It's been fun seeing things we forgot we owned, and it's been refreshing to get rid of extra stuff. Wish us luck; I think it's a long-term project!

As for Gabriel, he is growing so much! He really is a little boy now. He'll be 1 on the 18th, so we are gearing up for his first birthday party. It'll just be the three of us as far as we know, but it'll be a cute little celebration if I have anything to do with it... and I do!!!

During the drive up, Gabriel was so great. He loved the different hotels, but especially the lobby of the Union Station Hotel in Nashville. I loved it, too -- it's beautiful! He also loved the "Duck March" at the Peabody in Little Rock. Every morning and every evening, the ducks cross the lobby on a red carpet to float in the fountain or to go to their bed. It was great. Another great one was Hotel Roanoke, which had lots of places to wander around, and the staff was excellent and helpful.

Once we arrived, we were worried that G would take some time to adjust, but he has settled in beautifully. It's actually shocked us how great it has been for him. He suddenly goes to sleep like a charm: we say our prayers and hug, then we say our I love yous, and then it's bedtime. I lay him down and he rolls onto his tummy, puts his hiney in the air, grabs his Baby Bear and smiles himself to sleep. It's amazing!!!

As for other new tricks, he walks everywhere, he points at what he wants or where he wants to go, he can climb the stairs by himself (we have three stories), he eats mainly grown-up food, and he can color with crayons!

I'm almost out of time here at Starbucks, so I'll close for now. I'll have Jake upload some pictures as soon as possible! We are doing well and settling in, and we hope to be online at the house in a week or two.

Come visit if you can... we're only 45 minutes from D.C.!

P.S. Gabriel just learned a new trick: I gave him a milk box to drink from, and as soon as I turned my head he squeezed it as hard as he could. The next time I looked, he had milk dripping off the top of his head and down his shoulders!!!

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